(Control Integrated Management )

The complete and versatile solution for the control of management, the certification of and financial guidance for training projects, integrated with your accounting system.

Apogeo is the answer to a company’s need for training in order to have a powerful and flexible software tool for managing projects, training and orientation, with particular attention to management and tax issues of FSE finance courses, which are fully integrated with the existing accounting system.
IDG manages the entire life-cycle of a project from its hypothesis development, its definition of necessary resources, obtaining funding, and right up to the multiple actions in which the project is articulate. In addition, for every step of the process documentary reviews and progress check-lists are carried out.
Apogee, with its multi-level characteristics, its dynamically definable structures of charts of accounts and its dedicated reporting, is adaptable to every type of funding agency (regional, European Union, Ministries, Provinces, Municipalities, etc..) and every line of funding (ESF, Equal, Structural Funds, IFTS, etc.)..
The solution also includes fully flexible management of the operational content of the project, thus facilitating the management of a Quality System certificate ISO 9001.