Thermoplastic Extrusion
(Oracle E-Business Suite)

Oracle E-Business Suite for the Thermoplastic Extrusion Industry is a range of solutions designed to automate, streamline and speed up specific business processes. The quality of information available, specific for plastic film, allows for a very effective and efficient management by eliminating waste, reducing costs, responding to customer demand and measuring performance in real time through the use of advanced planning tools. Omnisoft is able to offer a packaged solution system based on Oracle E-Business Suite with a range of specific add-ons at a competitive cost. . The main functions of the solution are:

  • Accounting (general, analytical, customers, suppliers, budgets and commitments, assets)
  • Management purchases, warehouses and needs
  • Demand Planning, Master Production Schedule and Material Requirement Planning
  • Management balance sheets and labels
  • Order management, procurement, shipping, billing and quality assurance
  • Business Intelligence