Betting & Gaming
(Oracle E-Business Suite)

Oracle E-Business Suite – Betting and Gaming is the solution that allows businesses to benefit from a well-proven solution for financial management, accounting and procurement in accordance with Italian law. Equipped with intuitive interfaces for acquiring game data from existing national and international circuits, the system allows for rapid adaptation to growth in points of presence or legislative amendment.

of In order to comply with the complex aspects of VAT, the records of fees for outlets and game typology, as well as data management in support of a single game, thanks to Oracle’s key accounting system, deeper analysis of revenues and costs using standard reporting and business intelligence tools, can be done.

Furthermore, the presence of Fixed Asset modules which manage the assets of the online procurement of domestic supply and outlets, as well as the handling of automatic intercompany records, combined with low cost and reliable solutions, also contribute to providing the right answer for the growing business of the betting and gaming sector.