Oracle Apex

Specific skills

  • Skills acquired in Apex from the outset of the module in 2004, used to replace the installed built in Oracle Portal for building portals and new application modules in place of technology.
  • Integration with the Apex success with Oracle E-Business Suite to manage business functions not included in the ERP.
  • Integration with the Apex success with Oracle BI for eseguiere the launch of on-demand procedures with input parameters, and what-if analysis with specific complex logic.
Type of solutions developed
  • Realization of type “desktop” solutions in integration to existing ERP or as stand-alone solutions is to replace legacy or client server solutions both to meet new needs of the business customer.
  • Implementation of solutions adapted to the mobile devices.
  • Adopting Responsive template has also allowed the simultaneous adaptation of the tablet / mobile solutions for the management and CRM solutions for mobile users.
  • Implementation of solutions “off-line” with local and automatic synchronization with the central database system to reset network connectivity.
  • Web Services implementation (APEX REST DATA SERVICES) to third-party systems.

Projects and Areas

  • Management department Requests (drugs / medical supplies) with sophisticated mechanisms for managing deadlines or generic products in place with integration with Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Warehouse management capabilities Hospital with both Desktop and PDA module equipped with a barcode reader and browser for the Department of requests, inventory management, the schedule and warehouse movements with import into EBS.
  • Managing agendas for resources (Operating rooms / Gyms / Swimming pools rehabilitation etc.) with allocation of human resources and generation of accounting records to balance overhead costs on cases / departments in EBS.
  • Management / Planning shift of health personnel, rule-based, turn-based, service constraints and generation of accounting entries to balance overhead costs on cases / departments in EBS.
Electricity sector
  • plant maintenance management (processors / central / pylons etc.) in the area and working relations with the possibility of even remotely enter data in offline and later synchronize with the central system to reset the connection mode.
Great works
  • quality management: with offline module that allows you to be up and running on the site in the absence of the signal, draw up forms on the progress of works, ripendere photographs / movies and synchronize with the central system to the restoration of commessione, with workflow management.
Public administration
  • publication of data relating to the transparency of public administration.
  • Portals for the management of calls dispensing financing “Click day mode” with management of strong extr work loads concentrated in a few tens of seconds. Many features for the management of disbursements in backoffice.
Production Plastic Films

In integration to existing ERP and Oracle BI.

  • Managing customer orders.
  • Quality Management, Certification, Complaints, Returns.
  • Warehouse Management: with several desktop modules, handheld with barcode reader, interface modules to external warehouses.
  • Production management functionality with on-board production line / waste management / final balance.
  • Managing the Delivery / Picking List / Load Control / Planning carriers
  • Reports vary ad-hoc transactional
Ophthalmic Lens / Optics

In integration to existing ERP (AS400 / E-Business Suite).

  • sales force management with anailisi hierarchies of sales / delivered / ordered.
  • Management Visits agents and definition of contract award targets based on product mix with approval workflows.
  • Geolocation of customers and the agent’s positioning of the tour optimization features.
  • Customer Portal CRM interfaced with existing ERP entirely interfaced via web services (REST DATA SERVICES).
  • Solutions Customer Loyalty, commissions agents and various dashboards and Tool of Directors and moniutoraggio.
  • integrated solution to the banking legacy ERP for the management of micro credit: Wallet, Savings, Loans, accounting and delivery of web services (REST DATA SERVICES) to third party systems.